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Customer no.Organisation NamePostcodeLicensed
CH1085609Emmaus SheffieldS4 7ZG01 Jun 2016
CH1064650Talmud Torah Tiferes Shlomo Boy's SchoolNW4 2NB23 Mar 2023
CH018379Ethnic Minorities Law CentreG1 2ER20 May 2015
CH1048752Traidcraft ExchangeNE1 5DW02 Jun 2021
CH290511National Energy ActionNE1 3PA21 Mar 2023
CH1080970OutlineGU21 6QX15 Mar 2023
CH267275The Great Eastern Railway SocietyCB6 2NH13 Mar 2023
CH1069932United Kingdom Hindu Cultural AssociationDA16 1JX09 Mar 2023
CH1129455Refurnish DevonTQ10 9GQ23 May 2017
CH1156028The Parochial Church Council Of The Ecclesiastical Parish of St PeterSW6 7JS14 Dec 2021
CH1171947Commonwealth War Graves FoundationSL6 7DX07 Mar 2023
CH1123252Cardiff Model Engineering SocietyCF14 4AW05 Sep 2022
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