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Customer no.Organisation NamePostcodeLicensed
CH1159590Bone Cancer Research TrustLS18 4TJ21 Feb 2023
CH1095435The Alnwick Garden TrustNE66 1HB21 Feb 2023
CH276821Church Lads & Church Girls BrigadeS63 6PY21 Feb 2023
CH1176475Keswick to Barrow WalkLA12 7AJ16 Feb 2023
CH1067884National Maritime Museum Cornwall TrustTR11 3QY16 Feb 2023
CH049803Admiralty Gateway Charitable TrustAB42 2ZX15 Feb 2023
CH1135134Restless BeingsE3 3AA09 Mar 2020
CH028457Fife Voluntary ActionKY6 2AL11 May 2020
CH1092466York Museums and Gallery TrustYO30 7DR19 Apr 2021
CH1119675Greenwich Starting Blocks Charitable TrustSE18 6HQ08 Feb 2023
CH01702653Clevedon Pier & Heritage TrustBS21 7QU22 Mar 2022
CH07023661Income Max CICRM1 2EU07 Feb 2022

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