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Corporate Licensees (by company name)

Corporate Licensees (by corporate group)

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Company nameCorporate Licence Holder
General Logistics Systems Croatia D.O.ORoyal Mail Group Ltd
EBP Consultancy (Beijing) Co. LtdRoyal Mail Group Ltd
GLS Belgium Distribution S.A/N.V.Royal Mail Group Ltd
Der Kurier GmbH & Co. KGRoyal Mail Group Ltd
GLS IT Services GmbHRoyal Mail Group Ltd
General Logistics Systems Austria GmbHRoyal Mail Group Ltd
General Logistics Systems Ireland LimitedRoyal Mail Group Ltd
GLS General Logistics Systems Hungary Kft.Royal Mail Group Ltd
Postcap (Guernsey) LimitedRoyal Mail Group Ltd
Overnight Services GmbH Vermittlung Ueberregionaler KurierdiensteRoyal Mail Group Ltd
Pinkertweg 49, 22113 Hamburg, GermanyRoyal Mail Group Ltd
GLS Verwaltungs-und Service GmbHRoyal Mail Group Ltd

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