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Licence no.Organisation NamePostcodeLicensee from
PSL 06544Bradford Abbas Parish Council DT9 6RQ30 Jun 2022
PSL 06543Port Of London AuthorityDA12 2BG23 Jun 2022
PSL 06542Matterdale Parish Council CA11 0JH17 Jun 2022
PSL 06541Tilton on the Hill and Halstead Parish Council LE7 9DE16 Jun 2022
PSL 06540Greencroft Parish Council DH2 2UL14 Jun 2022
PSL 06539East Midlands Development Company NG2 6BJ14 Jun 2022
PSL 06538Broughton Parish Council (Cumbria) CA12 4JA13 Jun 2022
PSL 06537Board of Trustees of The Tate GalleriesSW1P 4RG13 Jun 2022
PSL 06536Plymtree Parish Council EX15 2JG08 Jun 2022
PSL 06500Stotfold Town Council SG5 4HG08 Jun 2022
PSL 06499Kensworth Parish Council LU6 3RJ08 Jun 2022
PSL 06498NHS South West London Clinical Commissioning GroupSW19 1RH08 Jun 2022

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